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VACAS 2020 Conference


Membership Fees VACAS Conference 2020
Faculty presenter or panel chair/respondent: $40
Graduate student presenter or panel chair/respondent: $20
Undergraduate student presenter: $10
Observer (simply viewing panels): free and open to the public

We ask that all participants — including observers (who are not charged a fee)– register for the conference at the link below.

Hosted by

Department of Communication
George  Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030


Conference Details

Length – all panels are 75 minutes long. With 5 minutes for an introduction from the chair and 15 minutes for audience questions at the end, this leaves about 55 minutes for all the panelists’ presentations. Please consult with your chair regarding presentation length. Your chair will also help you keep your presentations “on time” by giving you signals when you are approaching the end of your allotted time.

Technology – all of the Johnson Center (Firday) and Merten Hall (Saturday) meeting rooms have an LCD projector mounted on the ceiling, which projects onto a large screen at the front. The LCD is hooked up to a terminal at a podium at the front of the room, which has a PC (with USB ports for thumb drives) and also places where you can plug in an HDMI cable (to connect your laptop). There is internet (via Mason guest wireless) in these rooms as well. Our recommendation is for panelists to bring their presentations on both a laptop (if available) and a thumb drive. Then you can load up all the powerpoints, etc., on either your own laptop, one of your colleagues’ laptops, or on the PC at the podium. You should also bring whatever cables or adapters you typically need to hook up your laptop to a presentation system (adapters are especially important if you use Apple products). All podiums use an HDMI connection.



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