Statement on Cancelling VACAS (plus, an opportunity)

Dear VACAS 2020 participants,

I am writing today to inform you that, given the uncertainties of daily life during the covid-19 outbreak, we will not be holding VACAS 2020 online as previously announced. I am sad to say that VACAS 2020 has been cancelled.

If you have already registered, you will receive a full refund in the next 1-2 days.

With this said, VACAS would like to offer all participants the following opportunity. Some of you have written papers for VACAS 2020. Others were planning on delivering a presentation discussing their writing,research, or professional experience. We invite you all to submit your work to be included in our VACAS 2020 proceedings. We envision these proceedings (essentially an archive of the work submitted to the conference) as having two parts:

1. For written papers, we will create a PDF archive of all complete papers submitted to VACAS 2020. This archive would be hosted on GMU Library's MARS (Mason Archival Repository Service) and would be available to the public. All authors would retain full copyright and control over their work. This VACAS 2020 archive would be available to the public. If you are interested in submitting your paper to this archive, please email a PDF of your paper to

2. For presentations, we would create a VACAS 2020 playlist on the YouTube page of GMU's Department of Communication. Participants would record themselves delivering their presentation (e.g., using a camera or screen/voice capture software such as Kaltura). They would then upload the presentation to their personal YouTube accounts (perhaps created for this purpose). Then, they would share the links with VACAS. We would then include their video in our VACAS 2020 playlist/archive. Participants would be able to choose the level of privacy they wanted on these videos, but our vision is that this archive would be public.If you are interested in submitting your presentation to our YouTube archive, please send a video link (not the video itself) to Please also indicate the level of privacy you would like for your video.

Both archives would serve as a record of your achievement in getting your paper/presentation accepted to VACAS 2020, and you could share links to your papers/presentations with family, friends, and potential employers.

One important point: regardless of whether your submit your paper or presentation to these archives, all participants who were accepted to VACAS 2020 have earned the right to list this achievement on their CVs and resumes.

Again, let me repeat: even if you do not send us your paper or presentation to be included in these archives, you should still list your VACAS 2020 paper/presentation on your CV/resume.

We recommend the following format for listing your paper/presentation on your resume:

Gibson, T.A. (2020, March 27). Title of paper/presentation. VACAS 2020. Paper/presentation accepted to the annual meeting of the Virginia
Association of Communication Arts and Sciences. Fairfax, Virginia.
Unable to deliver, meeting canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak.

We are disappointed that we have had to cancel this conference. We were so looking forward to meeting with all of you. However, we are also full of gratitude that you shared your work and your ideas with us, and we invite you to submit this work to our two VACAS 2020 archives. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you again for sharing your work. Please be safe and be well.

Tim Gibson
President, VACAS